Murphy & King was founded in 1980 with the goal of providing prompt, practical legal advice, delivered free of outdated notions of how a law firm should operate.

We believe that with the right attitude, talent, and personal commitment to our clients we can make a meaningful difference. By decreasing the traditional large law firm emphasis on bureaucracy, billable time, and rigid departmental boundaries, we deliver superior service to our clients. We help clients meet their goals by building relationships and developing a deep understanding of their business and legal needs. Our unique structure allows us to form nimble, collaborative teams of lawyers who share their expertise across practice areas, giving clients firm-wide support for all of their legal needs.

Our Approach

For more than 40 years, Murphy & King has provided clients with the judgment, advice, and personal attention of senior lawyers, delivered promptly and cost-effectively. We believe that the best legal counsel does not have to be the most expensive, nor should legal problems be made more complicated than they really are.

At Murphy & King every lawyer is committed to two principles: understanding the client’s business and bringing value to each client transaction. We believe our clients deserve distinctly personal attention, so we match our clients with the best lawyers to fit their unique needs. This fosters a close working relationship that allows clients to meet both their legal needs and business goals. In this relationship our attorneys are guided by the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Taking a practical look at our client’s problem, thoroughly explaining legal issues and exploring all available alternatives, ensures that our client’s legal resources are used productively. Our clients find that this approach can be just as valuable as our legal expertise.

To increase our efficiency and value to our clients, we continue to make significant investments in the advanced tools and software necessary in the management of large legal projects. Our commitment to technology allows us to conduct paperless trials, manage complex databases, organize cases, and develop successful trial presentations.