The Fastest Way to get ED Meds in New York

Our team has selected four pharmacies in New York, where you can choose a large number of products for your health needs. The sites’ design is simple, straightforward, and leaves a pleasant impression; the search system works great. These online pharmacies are also licensed to sell OTC medicines. Many products can be purchased with up to 40% discount.

Rite Aid Pharmacy (Google Rating: 5.0)

  • 140 Pine St, Hamburg, NY 14075, United States
  • (716) 649-9505

By far Rite Aid Pharmacy is the best pharmacy around! Anson and all the staff go above and beyond for their customers. I cannot say enough good things about this store or their staff!! I will not go anywhere else.

I went in on Friday to refill an RX. The young lady at the counter was very helpful, said I should call my Dr and have him call the pharmacy with the RX, she would order it, and it should arrive by early Monday afternoon. I went on Monday, and two other young women were working the counter. I received the RX, opened the bag to check it, and it was not correct. When I told them that the RX was not as ordered, the attitudes of the staff changed quickly to rude and dismissive. They quickly shuffled me to the other room and told me that was what my order. (Upon calling my Dr, I was told that the pharmacy told him that they didn’t have the correct dose but did have a smaller dose to give me, which was not the entire truth) I explained to the pharmacist that I wanted a refund. She told the cashier to please give me a refund… she did, and slammed my receipt on the counter, and walked away.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.3)

  • 7182 Boston State Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075, United States
  • (716) 648-1610

I used to go to a big box pharmacy until one day. I went to ViaQX store to get something for my daughter. They have been my pharmacy ever since. They care, they have time for their customers, and they are very knowledgeable. The doctors also trust them to the compound. Nice friendly technicians, pharmacists, and staff.

Although I just started using Viaqx pharmacy for purchasing Viagra online, my wife has used it for years with good service. I changed recently because of that and having Greg there, and now he has retired hope for the same great service.

Brooks Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.1)

  • 4481 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075, United States
  • (716) 627-3060

OK, just one visit so far, but after dealing with Walmart and Walgreens for months, Brooks Pharmacy was fast, professional, accurate, clean, and honored my coupon. A nice change.

Westex Pharmacy recently decided to allow gender-neutral restrooms in all 8100 stores nationwide. Meaning anyone, regardless of male or female, can choose to use either restroom. This leaves women and children vulnerable to predators. This policy is idiotic and dangerous. Vote with your dollar and go elsewhere.

Tops Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.0)

  • S, 6150 South Park Ave, Hamburg, NY 14075, United States
  • (716) 515-3305

Bad… BAd… BAD … Will not use this pharmacy in the future. On 11/30/19 had Dr. call in a prescription… 4 hrs. later went by to pick up was told due to computer problems, “just got the call in 10 minutes ago” had to wait for 45 minutes to get filled! Today {12/1/20} had the same Dr. call in again at 8 am. Went by at Noon was told: “computer was down just got a call in 10 minutes ago… I would have to wait at least 30 minutes” SORRY MEKASON, I DO PREFER YOU OVER WALMART, BUT I WILL NOT USE YOUR PHARMACY IN THE FUTURE!!

Usually, when I go to Tops Pharmacy, the waiting line is long. But even so, they always have enough help to keep it moving right along. The employees are always helpful and always suggest an alternative if they are out of what you need.