Meet the Associates at Murphy & King – Steve Veenema

June 25, 2014

Steve Veenema is a commercial litigator at Murphy & King with a focus on intellectual property law.  A man of hidden talents, his interests range from the independence of the media to the changing legal landscape for data privacy and commerce.

1.  What brought you to Murphy & King?

Murphy & King offered me the opportunity to work on sophisticated litigation matters for a broader range of potential clients, at competitive rates. When I worked at a much bigger firm, my hourly rate exceeded that of many Boston attorneys with decades more experience, which inhibited my ability to develop my own clients and practice.

2.  What do you enjoy about your practice area?

I enjoy the process of piecing together the facts and law that will help our clients win. Every case has its puzzles, often with murky facts, dynamic characters, and complex bodies of law. Solving those puzzles to present a winning picture is always exciting.

3.  What case in the history of law would you have wanted to be involved in?

New York Times v. United States—the ‘pentagon papers’ case, which affirms the importance of the press in balancing powers, particularly in contexts where executive authority is otherwise unchecked.

4.  What is a hidden talent of yours?

I keep my hidden talents hidden.

5.  What outside of law are you enthusiastic about?

My family.

6.  What new area of the law would you want to be involved in?

Data privacy regulations and their implications for nearly all businesses.