Meet the Associates at Murphy & King – Amanda Rettig

March 6, 2015

Amanda Rettig has had a role in nearly every aspect of Murphy and King’s business law practice, from litigation to intellectual property law to real estate. Her success in that arena is due in part to her ability to “herd cats,” a skill she’d like to put to use in the legal issues surrounding social media technologies.

1.  What brought you to Murphy and King?

I was looking for a place that would value my skill set as a business law generalist.  Murphy & King welcomed me and made it possible for me to build a practice that includes business litigation, federal court litigation with international law issues, IP litigation, IP licensing and other IP transactional projects, privacy law matters, corporate transactions, employment matters and real estate transactions.

2.  What do you enjoy about your practice area?

I really enjoy working with clients to solve their problems – either in litigation or as part of a transaction.  And my greatest sense of satisfaction comes from making sure a client understands each of the steps needed to find his or her way to a successful result.  Often I find that this process allows me to more effectively harness the client’s own knowledge of the facts or business involved to tackle the legal issues at stake.  Thus the collaborative efforts are also satisfying because they are more efficient. Also, because I’m somewhat of a generalist, I particularly enjoy the fact that I get called in to work with clients when they have problems that don’t fit neatly in one category, but instead require the combination of knowledge and skills from several areas.

3.  What current legal issues do you find to be the most interesting?

I find the intersection of law and technology fascinating.  The role of law in incentivizing and permitting innovation is underestimated by many people.  It is a difficult balance to determine how much legal participation and at what level is most useful to nurture technological progress and individual lawyers have a real role in influencing the application and formation of the law through argument in litigation and through structuring of agreements in transactions.  This is most obvious with intellectual property law but the opportunities also sneak into many other areas of the law, including into employment law with the application of non-competes and similar, and in corporate law with the structuring of business organizations, their governance and their flow of funds, with accommodations for privacy concerns in business transactions and similar.

4.  What is a hidden talent of yours?

One of my hidden talents is the ability to take some form of mess and create productive order out of the chaos.  Sometimes this just means taking vast quantities of information and organizing and distilling it into something useful.  But it also means the ability to channel human chaos into something helpful.  When there are people who need to participate in a legal matter who are preoccupied, reluctant or simply, in numerous quantity, I can facilitate, cajole, bully and just generally persevere with those people until they have provided the information or similar that the situation requires.  In more metaphoric terms, it is the ability to herd cats!

5.  What outside of law are you enthusiastic about?

I’m very interested in the advancement of women in the business world and participate in several groups that provide networking, career advice and support for professional women.  I particularly enjoy planning and facilitating events that bring together women with similar interests and I love it when I can broker an introduction between two people who have a professional connection.

6.  What new area of the law would you want to be involved in?

I think that there are numerous legal issues that stem from the rapidly evolving communication and social media technologies that are particularly exciting.  I’ve been able to do some work in the sphere of privacy requirements for web and mobile technologies and would love to participate more in that and other areas in this field.