Meet the Associates at Murphy & King – Aaron Rosenberg

May 28, 2014

Aaron Rosenberg is one of Murphy and King’s newest attorneys and has found a home in our litigation practice, which has exposed him to a broad cross-section of commercial law. A Connecticut native, he’s also a fan of music and New England sports.

1.  What brought you to Murphy & King?

I was looking to transition from a large, international law firm to a more personal and streamlined firm.  Murphy & King offered the same level of work from an intellectual perspective, but in an environment that allows young attorneys to learn directly from seasoned and well-respected attorneys and hone their skills by working hard for clients.

2.  What do you enjoy about your practice area?

The litigation department at Murphy & King is involved in a wide variety of business disputes, which allows the attorneys to build up a significant body of knowledge and expertise on a number of legal issues.  As an associate, I am able to develop my abilities by playing a number of different roles depending on client needs.  This makes my practice more interesting and exciting.

3.  What case in the history of law would you have wanted to be involved in?

Griswold v. Connecticut because of its importance to the current understanding of the right to privacy.

4.  What is a hidden talent of yours?

I play guitar, piano, sing, and write music.

5.  What outside of law are you enthusiastic about?

Music and sports (a rare combination of Connecticut, New York, and Boston teams).

6.  What new area of the law would you want to be involved in?

Copyright and Entertainment/Sports Law